[misc] Murderface Monday

Weather was unseasonably (i.e. frighteningly) nice here for a couple weeks. 84 degree days in March? Yikes. But everyone enjoyed having open windows in the house:

MF and Penny in the dining room.

Information on Santana's x-rays came back from the radiologist and she does not need surgery on her diaphragmatic hernia. We don't know when she was hit by a car and the hold could already have scar tissue covering it. She has some kind of bronchitis, which is asthma. She had a shot of antibiotics and a shot of cortisone. 

I'll watch for any coughing. It would be nice if she only needed to get a cortisone shot twice a year to curb the asthma. I really don't want to put her on pills or an inhaler. 

I need to make some changes around the house as well- fragrances or smells might trigger an allergic reaction, so I'm switching to unscented kitty litter and I'm not going to do my nails in the house any more.


I do it for you, Santana.


nestra said...

Glad there doesn't have to be surgery! We went through a similar ordeal with our little dog. We were so thankful he didn't need surgery that the $500+ bill for multiple xrays and an overnight stay seemed reasonable.

Sara said...

That is a big relief - not to have surgery!

Keeping good thoughts going that it will be easy to treat...

Your house looks lovely!!!

gayle said...

I'm trying to picture using an inhaler on a cat. Every scenario I can come up with results in slashed hands and arms...
Good luck! I hope the cortisone does the trick!