[misc] The high cost of kitties.

Well I am glad this week is over. Things started to go down the shitter last weekend when I brought Penny and Murderface to the vet for shots. Penny needed two shots, MF needed one. Dollar came with me to comfort the kitties during the ride. We were at the vet for 2 HOURS. It was a Saturday, they were busy, some unexpected emergencies had come in, but seriously... think of the kitties. It's not fair to have them waiting in a terrified state for so long.

As I was waiting to check out, I witnessed something alarming there (an exchange- or lack there of- between vet techs, the receptionist and someone on the phone) that made me seriously question whether or not I should continue going to this vet. I loved the old place I brought MF to before me moved but we switched to this place simply because it closer. I paid the bill for this visit and they overcharged me by $70.

Sunday, Penny could barely get out of bed and wouldn't eat her breakfast. I picked her up and she was shivering like crazy. I looked up her symptoms online and I think she had a fever from an allergic reaction to one of her shots. So I watched her all day. She appeared a little better that night (she ate some supper) and Monday morning she was purring, kneading me in bed and ate all her breakfast. I need to get a thermometer, though, in case she has another fever. 105 is the danger temp and a vet should be called immediately if things get that high.

Here she is, back to normal:

Penny Flash

Oops, flash. Here she is:

Penny in bed

Tuesday night I brought Santana for a special exam. She's been coughing on occasion (once every couple of weeks) and after reading about it online, I assumed she had asthma. I got some x-rays, blood work, paid to have the x-rays sent to experts, etc etc (hello $300 bill, which was still less $70 from what they overcharged me on Saturday). So, here are her x-rays:



It's not asthma. The vet thinks that Santana has a diaphragmatic hernia, probably from being hit by a car. It sounds like surgery would be the way to repair the hole in her diaphragm. If that costs thousands of dollars, I'm going to set up a ChipIn page or do an auction or something on Rav to raise some money because, yeah, we don't have that kind of money lying around.

Poor Banana. This might explain why she's so mean all the time and doesn't like she sides being touched. Here she is in bed:


Still waiting to hear what the diagnosis is. I set up some new appts at the old vet (Penny for a booster shot, Santana for a 2nd opinion/check-up... yay! More money to spend!), which is now 45 minutes away. I don't know how the cats will do on such a long car ride (peeing in the carrier is my main concern) but I just can't deal with new vet anymore. 


"Get offa my lawn!"

I know buddy. You're such good boy. Healthy, sweet, helpful, tolerant. You're just the perfect kitty. And inexpensive, which helps me out a lot.


Sara said...

That's a hefty bill and being overcharged is not too cool. I think your old vet sounds like a better bet...Keeping good thoughts going to the babies...

Tania said...

Murderface sounds just about as easygoing as a third child. (thank goodness for third children).

Unknown said...

I have been reading your blog on and off for a while now (I'm another knitter in VT). You have my sympathy with the vet situation. We had a vet we really trusted in the Burlington area, but now that we live in the northern UV it has been hard to find someone we really like. We are thinking about taking the cats to a vet in Waterbury, a 50 minute car ride.