[weaving] Golden Runner

So here's the first for-realsies project that I wove. Weaved? How do I say 'weave' in the past tense? Uh...

Here's my first woven project- a small table runner. ... Or is it a dresser scarf? 

How do I not know how to say what I'm making or how I'm making it?

Golden table runner

It doesn't matter because I love it. My woven'd thingie to put on stuff.

Here it is, all tied onto my 24" Kromski Harp. There's only ~60 ends, which ended up being about 5 inches wide.

Weaving, I will conquer you

The paper on the back is nice, thick plotter paper that I was able to nab from work. It's excess cut from a map that I printed and is just the right size and weight for weaving.

The yarn I'm using is Aslan Trends Class, in a pretty golden color. I picked it on in Florida when my sister and I were down visiting our mom. It's a cotton/rayon blends with nice sheen and drape.

Tied on

After some weaving and rolling weaving and rolling:

P'shaw. This isn't so hard. OMG YES IT IS.

Not bad. Not bad at all. My selvedges on the left side were wicked wonky, but I attribute that to my noob skillz and the tension not being tight enough. Weaving is not something where you can go, "Bah! Tension Shmention!" No, the tension needs to be. just. so. OR ELSE.

The finishing wasn't so bad. I cut the project off and tied knots a either end:

Gold table runner

The thing that's hard for me to get past is that there's a lot of waste. Or, there feels like there's a lot of waste. All those ends where the project was tied on are cut. And I'm left with ~120 4 - 6 inch short bits of yarn. 

Interestingly, these ends are called "thrums". Which automatically makes me think of thrummed mittens. I guess I could use these yarn ends as thrums for various projects but I usually think of unspun roving for thrums. If I used these leftovers, it would feel like lots of loose ends hanging out inside the mitten. Right?

Currently my plan for the ends (because, yes, I will obsessively keep them and not throw them away) is to use them either:

1. Tie my handspun yarn after I skein it.
2. As stuffing for toys, like these little dumplings 
3. Cut the thrums much shorter, put them out in a cage/mesh bag for the birds to take in the spring to build their nests.

Any other ideas for short lengths of yarn?

The runner in the entryway:

Golden table runner



Lilith Parker said...

Today I weave. Yesterday I wove. Tomorrow I will have woven for three days straight. For more complex tenses, you'll have to ask Douglas Adams. :) Beautiful runner!

Patricia said...

Nice first project! Warp another project with the same number of ends and tie them on to the thrums. Just warp, tie on, and you're ready to weave!

gayle said...

I'm trying to resist weaving, and you're not helping...
You could use the little thrums for needle felting. Or cut them smaller and use for those little bits in spinning. (Can't remember what they're called...)