[crochet] Penny... the Panda!

I finally finished a cute little amigurumi panda:

Penny the Panda

I whipping up the body back in May but never got around to making/attaching appendages. I don't know why, it took less than an hour to make, stuff and sew on two ears and four legs.

Penny the Panda: Rear

Pattern: Penny the Panda from Lion Brand. 

Yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease (black), Plymouth Encore Worsted (white)

Hook: E (3.5 mm)

Penny the Panda

The safety eyes and nose came from the 6060 shop on Etsy. 

Santana doesn't seem too interested:

Penny the Panda

But when I handed Penny (the kitten) Penny (the panda), she immediately started to chew and tried to rip it apart viscously. I quickly scooped up Penny (the panda) and said, "Stop! You're hurting her!" to Penny (the kitten).

I don't know, this might get a little confusing. 

As confusing as a panda riding a horse?

Penny the Panda

That musk ox definitely looks confused.


Natalie J said...

Awww - I hope your Pennys learn to get along. :)

Love the photo of Penny (the panda) in the grass btw. Hehe.

gayle said...

Apparently pandas and kitties don't mix well...
Penny is adorable. (the Panda) (Oh, and the kitten, too, of course.)