[misc] Murderface Monday

Murderface keeps an eye on Penny:


MF and Santana are handling her well. They hiss but they haven't been aggressive towards her. This hissing is just to say, "Get away from me, pipsqueak!" Penny always backs off, but in a sad, "Why don't you love me?" way.

Santana growls and hisses and just generally wonders when we're going to get rid of Penny:


Went to the Green Mountain Fiber Festival at the Hotel Coolidge this past Saturday. It was very nice to see Lois and everyone vending. I bought a chic box bag and a very pretty hooked rug. I also visited the new incarnation of White River Yarns in downtown WRJ, next to the hotel. It's soooooo great- lots of new inventory, great space, great prices. It's really awesome- a great blend of a new, fresh feeling with aspects of the former shop.

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