[misc] Murderface Monday


I used the three day weekend to do absolutely nothing. It was glorious at times and boring at times. I hung out with the cats and did my nails.

And I think I found a new kitten to get. I stopped by the vet's office on Saturday to pick up a couple bags of dry food and there was a cute, widdle kitten in a cage. I put my name down to take her (not until this coming Friday) but I'm kind of on the fence about it. I do want her but what will Murderface and Santana think? What are they doing to do to her? What will she be like? We'll see...

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Summer said...

KITTEN!!! I've had a little bit of kitten fever myself lately, even emailing one lady on craigslist with an adorable abyssinian/tabby guy she couldn't keep, but she had already found a home. Mr. Boozy hates almost all other cats so I'm trying to wait out of respect, but KITTENS!!!! I wish I had a lazy weekend, 12 page paper to write on wine fermentations.