[misc] Santana and Murderface

Santana in profile:


Murderface in profile:


They are so similar in appearance, sometimes the only way I can tell them apart is by Santana's tail or the white on her nose. MF went to the vet on Saturday to get an annual exam and rabies shot. He's "the picture of health" according to the vet, which was nice to hear. Other than that, just... puttered around all weekend. Gave the house a thorough cleaning (cat-fur dust bunnies were starting to take over the stairs) while Dollar put together a new treadmill. Got some stamping stuff for my nails in the mail last week and already I've done:




I haz a new addiction.

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Natalie J said...

They are so similar and both gorgeous. :)

Love the nails - especially the first ones. My nails are usually such a mess, but I love to admire other people's! Hehe.