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OMG, I have a new obsession. Nails. Crazy-ass nails. I just did mine:


Green nail polish with sparkly nail polish over it! It's like a birthday party threw up all over my finger nails! I loooooooves with frightening abandon. I've done everything but crouch on the floor, stroking my nails, saying, "My own... my love... my precious... ch'ollum ch'ollum".


Poor Santana in the background. She gets no play time when I applying 6 coats of polish to my nails.

I kind of went on a polish shopping spree, but thankfully I'm getting the cheap-o bottles at CVS and Walgreens (for .99 or 1.99). In 2 days I've acquired:

New Hobby

I know, I know, but... I must have them all. Pink nails? I think not. I've decided I want either crazy-fun-time nails (like above) or trashy ho-bag nails (e.g. zebra and leopard prints- so skanky, I must have them!).

I avoided painting my nails ever since I've had Murderface. He hates the smell and I feel bad when he comes up to me for cheek skritches, gets of whiff of the fresh polish, recoils and gives me the squinty-eyed look of abject suffering at the hand of my intentional betrayal and disregard for his happiness. He's a little melodramatic. But after giving myself a manicure a couple times already (sequestered in a far away room in the house), he hasn't noticed when I pet him on his head or give him dinner. After a day, there's no smell so I can give him all the cheek skritches he wants.

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