[knitting] Double garter Baktus

Manos del Uruguay was recently hosting a design contest through Ravelry. I picked up two skeins of the classica- one teal, one variegated- and made a double garter stitch Baktus:

Double garter scarf

I didn't end up submitting the pattern to the contest, so I'll post it here:

Yarn: 2 skeins Manos del Uruguay Classica- one solid (Main Color, MC), one variegated (Contrast Color, CC).

Needles: US 10


Cast on three with MC.

Row 1 (MC): k1, yo, k to end
turn work
Row 2 (CC): k (knit yo through back loop)
slide work to opposite end of needles
Row 3 (MC): k
turn work
Row 4 (CC): k
slide work to opposite end of needles

repeat rows 1 - 4 until half of yarn from each ball is used.

Knit the same for the first half, but with k2tog decrease in place of yo increase.

Double garter scarf

This made a good sized, triangle shaped scarf. And it looks the same on both sides, so it's reversible.

I'd be willing to make another one of these, and start with the CC yarn- I think it would make a very different looking scarf.

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