[knitting] Another Novelty Scarf?

Here the other ruffly scarf that I whipped up in less than one Batman movie:

Ruffle Scarf

Yarn: Euro Yarns Tinseltown, brown, 1 ball

Needles: US 8

Pattern: Comes on the inside of the ball band. Just garter worked across 8 stitches.

I love this scarf- so pretty. The yarn itself is more structured than the Flounce from yesterday and you have definite, regular holes to work. My only issue is that it's not really soft. Not really wearable for long periods of time- It's more of a "Look at this! Look at me!" accessory.

Ruffle Scarf

It's a good one-skein project and would look posh wrapped around the neck, slightly tucked into a winter coat with lapels. 


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