[misc] Murderface Monday

Had a nice, quiet weekend at home. I didn't leave the house all weekend. We live so far out now that I really don't like to leave the house if I don't have to. I cleaned a bit (but not much), unpacked some more boxes, made some snacks (homemade chex mix FTW) and tried to make significant progress on my crocheted catan blanket.

Murderface was acting silly:


And cute:


Santana looks a little grumpy here (I think MF might have been following me into her room):

Santana's room

But she napped all weekend and I would come lay on the bed with her and pet her. She's getting better about her anger issues.


gayle said...

Santana has her own room? Or does she just claim it as hers?

amy said...

She just claimed it as hers. It's the guest room. Murderface pretty much has ownership of the bedroom bed and she doesn't sleep with us at night.