[knitting] EEK! A mouse!

A mouse in the house!!

Handknit Mouse

Oh wait, it's okay. I made this one:

Handknit Mouse

Pattern: Catnip Mouse by Mare Smith. The pattern is called "Silken Braid Mouse" on Ravelry.

Yarn: Small amount of leftover Encore Worsted in gray.

Needles: US 5

Mods: None, really. I didn't make the tail long enough to knot and I didn't add whiskers because it's cute enough as is. The pattern is great- knit in one piece and then seamed shut. The cables are clever, the eyes and ears are clever- just a great pattern. I would like to make TONS of these to use up leftover scraps of yarn.

I picked some fresh catnip outside to rub all over the outside of the mouse:

Handknit Mouse

Then let Murderface take the toy out for a test drive:

Handknit Mouse

Looks like it's MF Approved. What does Santana think?

Handknit Mouse

Looks like she approves as well:

Handknit Mouse

In fact, I'm not sure where this toy is now. I better get started on making more...

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gayle said...

That mouse is adorable! How tempting to knit a whole boxful...