[misc] More house pictures

A couple weeks ago we went up to the house to take a look. It didn't have roofs or a garage when I left on assembly day, but here it is now:

Front of house

Front of house

The end of the house- the family room and a room in the basement beneath:

House end

Back of the house:

Back of the house

No one was there and we couldn't get inside. And I think at that point that it wasn't safe to go inside. A couple days ago we went while some workers were there to see the progress. It was awesome being able to walk through the house and up and down stairs.

Looking from the kitchen to the front door:

Looking from kitchen to front door.

Looking from the 2nd floor hallway to the front door. I love that the entryway is open to the 2nd floor and how much light comes in:

Entryway open to 2nd floor.


Looking into the family room. We're not putting in a wood stove but I think we would like to have one in the future. And it would go there, where the wood stovey shaped area is.

Family Room

Walk in closet in the master bedroom. A walk in closet. With an overhead light and a window.

Walk in closet

The window was added for symmetry's sake (so the windows facing the back yard are balanced) but it makes the walk in feel like another bedroom. And the closet space is ridiculous. Right now Dollar's the only one that uses the tiny closet in our bedroom- I just get by with drawers. It's going to be great having his-and-her sides. And we can keep laundry baskets in there, on the floor, out of sight. We're tripping over our laundry baskets and hampers now.

We walked down to the end of the house and saw the door and windows in the basement room, under the family room:


Now to think about tile and wood for the floors. And paint colors for the walls. It's a little nerve-wracking because I'm such an indecisive person anyway and I'm worried that I'll end up hating/regretting whatever I choose.


Sara said...

Oh, your home is going to be beautiful!!!!

gayle said...

You must be really getting excited! How long till Moving Day? (I don't envy you the packing, BTW. I've moved so many times in my life that I purely dread packing...)