[spinning] Meriboo

I picked up two 4oz packets of Frog Tree Yarns Meriboo roving (70% merino, 30% bamboo).

Frog Tree Yarns

Which were spun into two bulky 2-ply skeins:


This was effortless spinning. The fiber drafted so smoothly at the wheel. I like the sheen from the bamboo:


I didn't wash these skeins like I normally do, but decided to just twist them up right away. I want to keep the smooth shine (I know washing it will fuzz it up a little bit).

I've been using my Kromski Minstrel and Ashford Joy regularly, switching up between the two depending on how much fiber I have and how I want to spin it. My Minstrel bobbins are small, but I have a WooLee Winder, which fills things up evenly. I use my Minstrel for worsted to bulky spinning.

My joy has huuuuge bobbins (can probably hold 5 - 6 oz depending on how thin I spin) but the wheel only seems to want to spin lace to fingering to dk weight yarn. When I try to spin slow and bulky, the singles still end up being thin.

So, I don't fight it. Most of the time I sit at the wheel and start spinning whatever fiber I grab. Within the first 10 yards or so, I know how the yarn wants to be spun. I rarely say, "Okay, I will spin this yarn dk-weight" and check and recheck how I'm doing with my spinning card. I spin and however the yarn turns out is how it turns out. But I've learned that it's easier to spin thick on my Minstrel and fine on my Joy.

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gayle said...

Love your yarns! Especially the shininess of the meriboo... Your spinning is beautiful.