[spinning] Bitsy Knits

Purchased 4oz of SW Merino at the 2010 VT S&W from Bitsy Knits:

Bitsy Knits

Spun it up into a quick two-ply:

Bitsy Knits

I like it- it's a nice, manly, rich color.

Here's a group shot of the 3lbs of fiber that I've most recently spun:

3lbs of fiber, handspun

I love it. And I love punching down my fiber stash by 3lbs. Too bad I just ordered enough fiber to replace it all. I'm weak! A fellow Raveler was getting rid of a bunch and the prices were so good... and... and... I have no excuse. I just want to spin more pretties.


Sara said...

It is all so beautiful. I love to see the photos of the yarns you spin!

gayle said...

It all looks like it will be glorious fun to knit! Any plans yet?