[knitting] Frankensocks

The pattern for the October knitalong at White River Yarns is Frankensocks. Just the spoooOOOoooky thing to knit up for Halloween, right?

Dude, I was having the crappiest time with the pattern. Too many charts and too many twisted stitches. I was having zero fun knitting it. It took me a week to do just the cuff of one sock. (The instructions tell you to do the cuff in twisted rib and I'm 100% certain that the socks being shown in the pattern do not, in fact, have twisted rib cuffs.) So, I ripped. And it was cathartic. I'm doing Franken-simple-socks instead:


K1P1 cuff. K3P1 leg. Regular heel flap. Stockinette foot. So much easier and I was able to knit all that in TWO days over the Rhinebeck weekend. SO. MUCH. BETTER.

I'm still using Frankenstein colors and I have the contrasting red yarn to do the mattress stitches around the cuff, toes, and possibly down the back of the leg. It will still look spoooOOOOOoooky.

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gayle said...

How did I miss those socks at Knitty?