[spinning] Our (Make the) Best (of it) Roving

I've been quietly participating in Tour de Fleece for the past couple weeks and to get ready, I had to finish up some spinning that I had been putting off. I had one bobbin of singles and didn't really feel like doing the second because I hated the roving.

J. Knits Our Best Roving

This is J. Knits Our Best Roving. And ironic name, I think, because this is one of the worst spinning experiences I've had. I'm sure the roving is a "dream" to spin when it's new/fresh, but this was felted. Tearing apart strips was like tearing apart cloth. And those strips had to be predrafted apart by hand because I couldn't properly draft it at the wheel.

When all was said and done, I ended up with:

Merino Handspun

It's soft and the merino is bouncy but it's uneven:

Merino Handspun

I couldn't get a consistant thickness because I would hit felted sections of fiber. Ugh. And I have another 4 oz bump in different colorway. Not really sure what to do about that...

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gayle said...

It would still make a lovely hat.
You made lemonade out of the lemon. 8)