[spinning] Campfire

I finally spun singles! I mean, I always spin singles to make plied yarn, but I spun thick, low-twist singles to keep as singles...


Here it is before. 80% Merino, 20% Tussah Silk by Serenknity in the Campfire colorway:

Sereknity Campfire

The drafting went quick; it only took a couple nights of spinning. I spun slooooowwww, using my largest whorl (lowest ratio) and put in just enough twist to keep the yarn from coming apart. Then I skeined the yarn onto my niddy noddies and left them for 24 hours:


2 Niddy Noddies of Singles

When it came time to wash the yarn, I used HOT water and soap. I dunked the skeins and agitated them a bit to slightly full the yarn. This should help the singles stay together better.

And wah-lah, the yarn is so lofty and pretty! It's about 300 yards, light worsted weight (12 WPI):



Elizabeth said...

These are beautiful! What are you planning on making with it? Your first singles look so even.

amy said...

I'm pretty sure the pattern wants to be a scarf. I think I'll do the Men's Martian Scarf for me.

The singles are mostly even. I think going slow helped. There are some pretty skinny parts and the thicker parts seem to have gotten thinner from the fulling.

KC said...

OH my goodness! That has to be the most gorgeous yarn ever! I wish I could spin that nicely. Beautiful job.

gayle said...

That yarn looks like pure sunshine! Very beautiful job on the spinning - glorious yarn!