[knitting] Topo hat


Pattern: Topographie

Needles: US 10 (6.0 mm)

Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky Hand Dyed in Storm (this color is now discontinued)

Here's where yarn and pattern collide and it end up working out in the end. I had had this one ball of yarn in my stash for a while. I tried knitting with it but the color repeats were regular in a way I didn't like. So it sat in the yarn basket, ignored and unloved.

When the Topographie pattern came out, I thought it was a neat idea: use handpainted yarn, pick a color, purl that color only. The resulting purl ridges on the right side of the work would produce an interesting texture.

I wanted to try the pattern to see if it would be a fun hat for Hat Club and I wanted to use up the yarn. So I cast on and decided to do it and finish no matter how uneasy I felt about how it was going. It came out too large for me but it fits my sister's bf really well and it appears to be good for the on-again, off-again, is-it-spring, is-it-still-winter weather we're having. It's not as heavy and warm as the stranded Turkish Patterned Cap that I made for him for Christmas. Plus, the colors work well for a man.

The only drawback I found to the pattern is picking the right yarn. The Knit Picks "hand dyed" is (I believe) actually "machine-dyed", but correct me if I'm wrong. The color repeats are so regular and the company produces so much yarn, I just can't image some poor person dyeing thousands of skeins by hand. So I would recommend a more irregularly dyed skein of actual handpainted yarn to achieve more interesting terrain.


Shelby said...

it came out really neat! It looks like those happy squishy little black and white caterpillars happily chugging along across the hat. :)

btw, I just noticed your "Ravelry is all the Facebook I need" line...cute...;)

gayle said...

Your hat is a lot more interesting than the one modeling the pattern!