[knitting] Teddy Toque

My father's Christmas present:

Handspun Toque

The yarn is my own handspun of teddy bear colors.

There is no pattern for this hat, per se. I just cast on 100 and k1p1 forevers. The decreases for the crown were p3tog (between two knits- to retain the ribby-ness of the pattern).

I loved the resulting hat so much, I had to cast on for another (softer) one for myself using Suri Merino:

Suri Merino Watchcap

I've done too much to turn back now but I think I should have gone down a needle size for this one- the stitches are a little too open for my taste. I'm thinking of knitting a swatch and throwing it into the washing machine and dryer to see how much it shrinks. Then I shall finish my toque accordingly.

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