[knitting] Musk Ox for my feet?

No new knitting content at the moment, although I have been busy and I'll have lots to show off next week. I like to include pictures but it's dark by the time I get home from work and I can only take decent pictures during the weekends.

I have a shmazillion projects I want to start but I just saw these slippers and I'm obsessed: Oomingmacks. The proper spelling is actually Oomingmak and it's Inupiat for "the bearded one", which is what the native Alaskans call musk ox.

While I was in Alaska this past May, I went up to Palmer to visit a musk ox farm. That's when I fell in love with these gentle beasts. The slippers are great because they perfectly capture the nature of the long guard hairs and the innocent facial expression. Sigh. I love.

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gayle said...

OMG! Those are the best slippers ever!!
How did I miss those on Knitty?!?
Thank you for pointing them out. Now I gotta have a pair, too...