[spinning] 3-Ply

Because Navajo Plying to create a 3-ply was so completely not fun for me, I decided to just spin three bobbins of kind-of-thin singles and ply those other. Easy!

Handspun 3-Ply

The fiber is 100% Merino in heathered gray.

Handspun 3-Ply

I like how round and bouncy the yarn came out.

Handspun 3-Ply

This skein won the blue ribbon for handspun at the Cornish Fair. Not bad for my very first 3-ply.

Music to spin by: Ooh Wee. Ooo-ooo Wee. Ooo Wee.

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Shelby said...

that yarn is the exact, precise color of my doggie! But I bet it smells better. And doesn't need arthritis medication. ;)

Good job. It looks wonderfully squishy and soft.