[knitting] The Fug

I like the hat that I made with the handspun yarn I thought was fug.

Hat... Not so fug anymore.

It reminds me of a landscape. Blue water leading to a meadow with yellow flowers at the foot of snow capped mountains.

Pattern: Earflap Hat from KnitScene (download from Knitting Daily)

Yarn: The Fug (handspun merino, two ply, worsted weight)

Needle: US 8

Mod: I fudged the numbers a bit since my gauge was different than the Woman's size in the pattern.

I was down to the earflaps on Sunday morning, with a circular needle holding the stitches for one flap and a double-pointed needle holding the stitches for the other. I put the hat on (with the needles and yarn hanging out all over the place). Dollar was still asleep so I went up to the bedroom and stood over him until he felt my malevolent presence. He opened his eyes and said, "What... What are you..." I leaned over him and said, "I'm wearing a crazy hat." He said, "Yes, you are." Then I told him I made blueberry muffins.

The hat is super cute on. It looks like an old football helmet.


Shelby said...

Oh man, that's TOTALLY cute! Just goes to show you...a yarn can look like clown vomit in a skein but knit up great. I love the pattern, too...now I kind of want to make one for myself! I might line the ear flaps with really obnoxious Fun Fur on mine...because I think that would look pretty damn awesome.

Sara said...

that turned out beautiful! love the way the yarn pooled - or whatever you call it...

That isn't a bad hat for winter around here - my ears are always cold...