[knitting] Fidge-at

A Fidget-along sprung up rather quickly in the White River Yarns group on Ravlery. I was "meh" about the pattern to begin with but everyone was doing it so... I jumped off the bridge, too. I'm impressionable like that.

I really liked this pattern. It was stash-busting, fast, and the result is:


Yarn: Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky (less than 1 skein)

Needles: US 9

I loved picking out the buttons for this. I took the just-finished (not blocked, no ends sewn in) Fidget to Joann and tried on various buttons attached to their cards. I looked at the back of the cards to see that buttons 3/4 inch and 7/8 inch worked best. After looking at hundreds and kind of losing perspective, it came time to choose between the silver flower buttons, the orange etched buttons or the brown leather old-timey buttons. I settled on orange:

Buttons for Fidget

After the Fidget was washed, blocked and dried (it only took 4 days to dry. only.) it came time to actually sew the buttons on. I went though my yarn scraps trying to find an orangey-brown strand that would work. I had some short lengths of yarn from the Colorspun socks. It was a three-ply yarn and the strand I was holding was a ply of orange, brown and gray. I painstakingly removed the gray ply. This consisted of me clamping the end of the orange and brown plies between my lips, pulling the gray ply with my right hand and managing the untwisting of the yarn with my left hand. It must have looked like I was trying to play some kind of weird yarn instrument for a while but, in the end, I had the color I wanted for the buttons. (There were many more false-starts and do-overs than I'm describing here. Who knew attaching buttons was so freaking difficult.)

Fidget Buttons

I'm thinking about making another.

In closing, I'd just like to say that it took a while for me to get used to the name "Fidget". I swear this project wanted to be called "Frickle" and I have no idea where that came from. Now I'm used to calling it Fidget but it's pronounced "Fidge-AT" in my head. Did you ever see the Friends episode where Chandler is helping Ross move a couch up a flight of stairs and Ross keeps instructing him to "pivot" but it's coming out "Piv-AT! ... Piv-AT! ... PIV-AHT!" Eh, I keep hearing FIDGE-AHT.

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Kit said...

Pretty color! Off to make my own fidget