[spinning] Denim

I have another handspun skein that came from this:

From Alaska

And it became:

Handspun #3

Handspun #3

Handspun #3

My tension was a lot more even with this handspun. It's a fairly uniform bulky weight.

Tonight is the monthly spinning night at White River Yarns and I'm bringing my wheel and my last unspun roving from Alaska. My goals are to to learn how to (a) oil my wheel, and (b) add on the next piece of roving after I get to the end of one piece- my way is a little wonky.

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Shelby said...

That's awesome! You're getting so good!

The one wednesday night I actually have off, and I can't go down to WRY because I have to dogsit for my parents while they're doing stuff after work. GAH!