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Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 8 Volume 2, No Future for You. Great to see Faith again. I love how things presented in this issue (Giles' tattoo, Buffy and Willow playing 'Anywhere but Here') date back to Season 2 of Buffy.

Fray: Future Slayer. Not finished with this quite yet but so far so good. I saw one of the twists coming but then the twist had a twist so it was all good.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer... I'm going through all the seasons again. Dollar wants nothing to do with this show (boo!) so I watch it downstairs while spinning or knitting.

Six Feet Under... I finally talked Dollar into watching this series. We're almost done with Season 1.

Entourage... Just got Season 3 in the mail. Love this show. Where else are you going to hear dialog like, "Did you just get cock-blocked by Bob Saget?"


I have the last of the Alaska roving spun, plied, washed & whacked. Now it's hanging on a door knob drying.

I spun and plied the crack-tastic Louet roving I picked up (blush) three days ago.

I tried Navajo plying some leftover singles. I haven't really got it down yet... As in: WTF?! This is the most confusing, difficult, messed up way to ply ever and why are all the help videos online either (a) the size of a postage stamp, so you can't really see what's going on, (b) some woman saying, "This is how I Navajo ply" and she does some second nature (read: FAST) twisty finger and hand action with white yarn, so you can see what's going on.


I'm working on a bulky beret for my Denim-colored handspun loosley based on this Secret Garden tam.

The table runner is SO CLOSE to being done but I just can't stop spinning.


Haven't been into it recently. Might be the flu/cold/cough I've had or... might be the fact that I'm spending all my free time doing spinningy things.

I have boneless, skinless chicken breasts defrosting in the fridge. I would like to make a chicken curry (I've got naan in the freezer and a bag of basmati rice) but Dollar's not that into Indian curries. Maybe a Thai curry?

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