[weekend] Tunbridge Fair

This weekend went by faster than others. I slept in on Saturday morning until 10:30, which is completely unheard of for me. It was rainy and dreary and cold. Good knitting weather if I can get out of bed.

I've been pretty good about knitting one project at a time but when several of those projects are secret and you can't work on them when the future gift receiver is around, you need more. So I started a tam for my mom, made out of Sirdar Baby Bamboo in white. It'll be very pretty. The yarn is so smooth and silky.

Unlike Classic Elite Skye Tweed. I joined the NaKniSweMo (National Knit a Sweater in a Month (or something along those lines)) Group at Ravelry. The plan is to knit Dollar's Jacket in November. See what he wants below:

I swatched and I need to knit on #5 needles with the Skye Tweed to get a gauge of 5st/inch. The yarn is sticky and knitting will be arduous. I'm wondering if metal needles (rather than my ubiquitous bamboo ones) will help...

Saturday we went to the Tunbridge Fair. We waited until late afternoon, to let the rain pass. The fair was awesome, just like it is every year. When I go, I never go on the rides (too many scary Dateline stories about shoddy rides falling apart and people getting hurt) and I do NOT play any of the dollar games ("Two dollars, two shots, step right up!" "Everybody wins a prize, step right up!"). I think they're scams.

But Dollar says he always plays these games at fairs so we wasted spent some money on them. I won a couple luck-based games and shot a couple inaccurately sighted guns. Dollar won me a big white teddy bear so he was happy about that.

We checked out the vegetables, crafts (lots of nice knitted items!), sheep, goats, oxen, etc. Dollar ran into lots of people he knew. While the guys stuck to a strict diet of fried dough at the fair, my sister and I got onion rings (blah batter, blah tasteless onions. I wasn't impressed) and samosas (weren't very warm but they were tasty!). I appreciate that there are world cuisines, local and vegetarian food stalls there. Some lady stopped me and asked where I got my samosas from. Dollar's reaction? "What are samosas?" Awww...

As for the rest of the weekend:

- Viva Pinata. I am now a level 35 expert gardener. Dollar will never catch up!

- Sunday's lunch was a wedge of Winston Wheel cheese from Woodcock Farm with crackers and grapes. And white wine.

- Played For Sale and Bang! I took few (if any) shots at Dollar. Last time we played, I killed him before he even got a chance to play his first turn. Totally uncool, I know, and he was not happy with me.

- Continued along with Season 2 of Buffy. Spike and Drusilla have arrived, Oz is sniffing around Willow, Cordelia has dialed down her shallow obnoxiousness (but not a lot).

- Finished Season 1 of Heroes. This show is great: great ensemble cast, great writing, great acting, great special effects. I knew the acting was good when I said, "Nathan is kind of a jerk... But I kind of still like him." This show was so good that I couldn't stop comparing it to a show that was so bad...

- The 4400. The problem with The 4400 was the bad acting (barring a few exceptions like Bill Campbell and Garret Dillahunt). Hate to say it but the bad acting constantly pulled me out of the show, which is too bad because the story was interesting. I was just saying that I would like a dark, somber, spooky show (a la X-Files) to get into. I'm still waiting...

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Anonymous said...

You are SO much nicer than I am... I'd look at that sweater and say "do it yourself".

(Of course that may be because he won't even wear socks, but hey...)