[amy] Weekend Update

No pictures from the weekend. My camera is taking mis-colored pictures and I can't figure out how to reset it to the factory settings.

Saturday morning I went apple picking with my sister at Poverty Lane. I picked too many and ended up giving a lot away to family members. Now I will start in on the apple recipes.

Then we went to the Tunbridge Fair for the afternoon. We looked at all (and I mean ALL) the horses, chickens, rabbits, goats, sheep, oxen and cows. I liked looking at all the vegetables and crafts best. Next year I'm totally entering some of my knitted stuff. I told my sister to enter her artwork (it would totally win all kinds of blue ribbons).

The bad news is that Dollar and I didn't make it to Beerstock. We both had such long days- he spent the morning giving a music lesson to his (HYPER-WOW-OHMYGOD-DRUMS!) nephews and the afternoon at band practice. Ken called Sunday night and I tried to pull the whole, "What do you mean you didn't see us? We were there." It didn't work. Apparently we missed the best party ever. I seem to remember Ken saying that once you get coupled up no one ever sees you again (e.g. "Wasn't there something we were supposed to do tonight? ... Oh well, let's just stay home and have sex.") and I didn't think it was true but...

Sunday I lounged around, did some chores, and helped a friend move a couch and dresser into my basement (until he moves into his new place). I did a lot of knitting this weekend and re-appreciated how much pleasure I get from it. Whenever Dollar asks me what I want to do, I always say, "Honestly? I want to knit." He's fine with it because then he does his own thing around the house.


scully said...

My wife, her mom and her step dad and I all went to the Tunbridge fair on Saturday afternoon too, but we didn't see you ;) We spent a good deal of our time watching the goat shows and then wandering aroud the livestock.

I thought of you earlier in the day though. Sarah's mom made arrangements for us to visit Maple Ridge Sheep Farm. The owner, Linda, was awesome and gave us a tour. My mother-in-law bought some fleece from her too.

Shelby said...

would you believe that I've lived in VT all my life and I've NEVER been to the Tunbridge fair?! I know, what a loser! I love the livestock exhibits at fairs, though. The baby pigs absolutely kill me. SO CUTE! We saw this little baby brown piglet at the Fryeburg fair a couple years back...I kept dragging my companions back to the barn to talk to it. Cutest. Pig. EVAR.

PS: Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day. YARRRRRRRR! ;)