[knitting] Semi-sock, not socks, socks.

Here is one of the socks I'm knitting for Dollar. They are moving along insanely quickly:

The picture makes it look a quite teal but they are really a manly color of hunter green. All that you see there is probably 5-6 hours of work. Really. I'm never knitting socks on #2 needles again.

Uh... I mean, after I make these:

Railroad socks for ma-mah. I'm too scared to even cast on.

And my completed Creeping Vines socks:

These are the ones I finished a while ago but never posted a picture of. I'm happy with them, but they're delicate so I don't wear them. They're too nice to wear. I don't want to destroy them so they just sit around collecting dust. Siiiiigh.

And because he's the best boyfriend in the world, I have to show these flowers:

He said he picked them all out himself! Awww. Let's see what these flowers mean: White lilies (purity), white roses (I am worthy of you), pink roses (please believe me), and some irises (your friendship means so much to me). Hmm.. this bouquet suddenly got more complicated. I was having a crap-tastic day so he surprised me by taking the day off work. I came home to him waiting with the flowers, a stuffed animal, a new corn-o he picked up at the post office, cookies and drinks for me. Then he took me out to dinner at a place called Tai Shan in Quechee. We'd never been there before but saw it during the drive home on Easter. The food was great. I wasn't so hot on the idea of Asian after my recent food poisoning incident but these food here was easily the best in the Upper Valley. And the bill came to $26 so we've decided to become regulars.

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