[amy] Voyage de Route

I'm going to take a roadtrip up to Montreal this weekend with Ken and Ram...

I had planned on clubbing my brains out up there (not, like, with an actual club, I mean "going to clubs"), but this past Saturday night I raged a little too hard. From what people tell me, anyway. Imagine me, slurring into a kareoke microphone, "WHY do you build me up (build me up) BUTTERcup, baby, just to let me down (let me down) And MESS me around and then WORST of all (worst of all) You never call, baby, when you say you will (say you-) Because you're a piece of shit (piece of shit?) I hate you (I hate you) More than ANYone, cuz you string me along-"

I haven't been to Montreal since the 8th grade and I'm looking forward to driving too fast on their highways and being rude to everyone. That's what the Quebecoise... Quebecers... Que- That's what the people from Quebec are like in America so, when in Rome, do as the French-Canadians do. C'est vrai?


Mark Sasahara said...

Je me souviens.

The cool thing about going to Montreal is it's like going to another country.

Secret Stalker said...

Oh, man, he totally stole my line(s).

So, maybe now you are stalking me because I just got back from French Canadia (isn't that how they say it there?). I saw a human heart in a jar.

I am watching the DVDs of the original Degrassi now. Somehow they are not as great the second time around, except for their accents. The accents rock.

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