[amy] Mail Call

What a great mail day yesterday. I got a couple books from Amazon, Season 3 of Red vs. Blue and another present from my Secret Pal. From Amazon, I got: Stitch-It and Sew Fast, Sew Easy. I really like Stitch-It because it's a kit; it comes with a needle, different colored skeins of colored embroider thread, a how-to book, two white tea towels, a packet of iron-on transfers and a hoop. So it's everything I need to get started embroidering. How easy is that?

Stitch-It Kit

Speaking of easy, Sew Fast, Sew Easy is a good intructional book. The only fabric I've ever cut and machine sewed was for a quilt (which subsequently never got finished) and I now realize I was doing it all wrong. This book comes with patterns in the back that you can use to make a pillow, then a tote bag, then a skirt. I want to try making a couple things from this book before tackling an apron for Tie One On.

Speaking of tying one on, the new gallery is up. June's theme was 'Pink Lemonade'. August's theme is 'Mini Me'. Since I don't have/know any kids and don't have any dolls to dress up, I may be forced to make an apron for Griffith. Or, since I keep saying I'm going to participate in this apron thing and never do, I may just not make an apron at all. Who knows?

Speaking of... uh... knitting, my Secret Pal sent me two skeins of dyable wool, packets of Kool-Aid, directions on how to dye with Kool-Aid and Yarn to Dye For.

My Secret Pal RAWKS!

I'm excited to dye, but won't be able to this weekend because I'm going away on that Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants thing. What I'd like to do, though, is dye both at the same time, in a graduated color scheme, then knit a pillow cover out of it.

Speaking of dying, Season 3 of Red vs. Blue is AWESOME! Frikkin' AWESOME! From the brand-new intro (and music) to the story and all the different levels utilized and- and- I don't want to give anything away but the move from the Halo world to the Halo 2 world is pretty funny.

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