[amy] Candleblog weekend

I went up to Burlington on Friday afternoon to be a guest on Friday Coffee Blogging. Read about it (and see my totally stiff picture) here.

I can't remember exactly what I talked out but my mission was mostly to recruit people to come down to the Upper Valley for parties. I remember talking about nudity a lot.

* * *

Candleblog points to a hilarious Hillbilly montage. It's like flipping through my family's photo albums really fast.

* * *

Recently Candleblog made mention of a little sci-fi show called Battlestar Galactica. I like sci-fi but I'm not in like with it- I couldn't make it through Season 2 of Farscape and whenever I see my sister watching Stargate, I say, "What are you watching? Stupid-gate? Is McGuyver gonna stop a bomb with a pair of hockey tickets? Does Tilk want a glass of milk?"

But I trust Bill's taste and get the original one-shot mini-series from Netflix and watch the whole thing last night. It's so good! My love for the show doubled every fifteen minutes! Man creates Cylon, Clylon wants to kill Man, Cylon creates hot ass Cylon that can pass for being a really hot ass human, there's space flying and space fighting, Edward James Olmos beats the holy hell out of another human-looking Cylon with a flashlight (that's when I said "I love this show" out loud in my living room), reference is made to this mythic place called Urth (Earth!)... Season 1 of the show comes out in September and it's at the top of my Netflix queue.

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Bill said...

Yay! Another BSG fan! My brother (who is also a SF head) hates the show. Season one is solidly good with very few missteps. Season two is faltering slightly. It's still very good SF TV but there are many fewer moments that I find myself giggling with glee at act breaks. Could just be a sophomore slump--there's still lots of goodness there.

Now go get Firefly (if you haven't already) so you're prepared for the movie in Sept.

Glad to have you at FCB. Come back anytime and definitely come to the nerd party on the 27th--bring knitting (and a friend if you like)!