[books] Valerian

I watched the super-duper extra special edition of The Fifth Element last night at my sister's. I must say, the special features are pretty special. One of the more interesting interviews focused on a couple comic writer/artists who created a sci-fi comic entitled Valerian decades ago. Luc Besson was a fan as a teenager and years later, when he had the opportunity to do so as a filmmaker, got the guys to come up with the conceptual art for the film. How cool is that? And if you look at the cover of Valerian at Amazon, you can see the resemblance in the cab and cityscape.

So last night, my movie experience was punctuated with all kinds of "I never noticed that before" moments. Tricky's in the film. How did I miss that the first time around? And that chick, the one who played the "I'm in a coffin! It's a coffin!" chick in Interview with the Vampire, is one of the main stewardesses when everyone's heading out to Fhloston Paradise. And that military women meant to accompany Korben Dallas to Fhloston (as his wife) was referred to as "Major Iceborg." Now that's funny.

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