[books] Running with Scissors

The discussion is underway over at BookBlog. I posted a little late (I've got to stop cracking open the selections on the night before the discussion) and didn't think too highly of the book. Sure I felt bad for him in the beginning, but then the story moved from sympathetic to unbelievable to unrelatable to "You know what? I don't feel bad for you anymore."

You know when you read a book and you're taken on an incredible voyage? When you get to the end, you sigh and think about what a wonderful ride it was, think about all the things you saw. With this memoir, it was like riding a rickshaw that stopped every ten minutes so someone could punch you in the gut. It's not pleasant. It's uncomfortable and you wished you'd passed on free ride. And you're not a better, more interesting person because of it.

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Anonymous said...

Are you going to read Phillips' American Dynasty? That would be cool and then we could talk about it, here even.
Sully :)
I am sick of looking at snow. 5ft drifts at the end of my driveway, bleh.