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The OC. Oh my God, like, totally. It's all about people who are, like, rich and spoiled and, like, what-ev. Luke is a total sleaze and Seth is too good for Summer. And Ryan [sigh] he's, like, so misunderstood. I- I- I can't get enough of this show. There are some shows I listen to while knitting, making the occasional glance up to the TV (e.g. Gilmore Girls, Greg the Bunny, The Wire), but not this one. With The OC, I still try to knit and watch at the same time but I end up spending more time watching Mischa's stupid face than what I'm holding.


Appletini. 1 part Apple Pucker, 1 part vodka; garnish with slice of Granny Smith apple. Result: I had two and woke up naked in a snowbank with the words "we need to talk" written backwards on my forehead. Also, the apple garnish works like a vodka sponge- eating them is no fun but gets you 500% drunker. UPDATE After last Thursday, I'm never having these again.


Mario Party 6. I can't get enough Mario Party and the latest installment is more fun, interesting and innovative than it's predecessors. I say innovative because this game comes with a microphone. So when you're playing a 3 vs. 1 mini-game and you're the odd man out, you might get to use the mic. You'll not only look but sound like a retard as well! For example: You can't say, "Fire... Fire... Drop bombs... Laser! Laser! MISSLES!!" and look cool. The levels/boards are lots of fun, though. More going on. And the Orbs are great, too. All in all, this is a great party game.


Galvanize by the Chemical Brothers. Listen to it here. The single comes out today and the new album comes out next Tuesday. It's called Push the Button and I'm sure it's going to rock.


A beret. And not just a beret, it's a jaunty beret. But I need to felt it to give it real shape, so right now it looks like a floppy, oversized, green Rastafarian cap. I should be able to finish and felt it tonight. UPDATE It's done and it's too small. I think I felted it too much. The band is too tight and not all that stretchy and when I have it on, it looks like I'm wearing a flying saucer on my head.

Now I'm knitting socks. I've decided to make ankle socks because I prefer that style and, hey!, they're faster. The yarn I'm using now is more wool-y that the one I used for the red/pink stripe sock, so it's like I'm making little sweaters for my feet. I've done one and an currently working on it's mate. Not second sock syndrome for me. Will post a pic.


Knitting in Plain English by Maggie Righ etti. I got my (obscenely) large Amazon order consisting of ONLY kitting books recently. I'm gearing up towards making a sweater... someday. It's all quite complicated, concerning drop shoulders vs. saddle shoulders vs. raglan vs. crew neck vs. v-neck. So far, Knitting in Plain English has been a helpful read with all sorts of tricks that make me smack myself in the forehead and go, "Duh, why didn't I think of that?"

Island of the Sequined Love Nun by Christopher Moore. I'm slowly picking away at this book and just last night I got to the interesting part. The part that makes you go, "Oh no way, no shit, oh my god, that's so f'ed up." Can't wait to see what happens next.

Recently Read

Phoenix (vol. 3)- Yamato/Space by Osamu Tezuka. These books are just getting weirder and weirder. Tezuka's epic and (due to his untimely death) unfinished life's work revolves around the Phoenix. With each volume, the story jumps from far past to far future, ultimately closing in on the present (which never got written/drawn). This volume in particular concerns a selfish king and his tomb (past), and space travelers telling a particularly enjoyable sci-fi mystery love-affair story (future). Very Bradbury and very enjoyable.

Have to Read

Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs. Must read this by next Monday to adequately participate in the BookBlog discussion. I must say, I'm going to be bringing a little baggage with me to this book. I'm a bit cynical because I know this book came out when it was very trendy/hip/Sedaris to come out with a my-life-was-so-messed-up memoir. So, we'll see if I actually sympathize with Burroughs or not.

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Jane said...

'Running With Scissors' isn't a kind of memoir where you want to sympathize with Burroughs. It's too off the wall hard to believe it really happened kind of shit. His second book, 'Dry', wasn't as good.