[amy] Conversations with my Sister

AMY: Have you tried that solid perfume yet?

BARBARA: What solid perfume?

AMY: The one I put in your stocking.

BARBARA: The lip balm?

AMY: The- yeah, well have your tried that yet?


AMY: ...


AMY: I don't think we're talking about the same thing.

BARBARA: Yeah, I don't either.

AMY: I put a small tin of solid lavender perfume in your stocking, as well as a Chapstick-looking tube of lavender lip balm. Have you used either one?

BARBARA: Wait. The tin is what?

AMY: Solid perfume.

BARBARA: It's not lip balm?

AMY: ... No.

BARBARA: [Hangs head in shame]

AMY: Holy shit. You've been putting that on your lips?

BARBARA: Only once I think.

AMY: It even came with a little piece of paper that said it was perfume.


AMY: ... Have you used the Chapstick?

BARBARA: Oh yeah, I've used that.

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