[tv/movies] The Good, the Bad and the Stupid

News Flash: Netflix has lowered their prices back down to what they were before they went up. Here’s to people bitching until they get what they want. Now get renting…

Dead Like Me (Season 1)

Georgia dies by flaming toilet seat (don't ask) and becomes a Grim Reaper. Hangs out with other Grim Reapers, must take people's souls before they die. This is actually a pretty decent show with smart dialogue, interesting situations and a good cast (after they got rid Rebecca Gayheart). Plus, this show has Mandy "My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die" Patinkin in it. Mandy... I had no idea his name was Mandy. Is it mean to find that funny?

Angel (Season 4)

Just like one long episode, this season. Team Angel doesn't really help people anymore; they're more focused on saving the world from yet another impending apocalypse. Good News: Wesley has gotten really hot. Bad News: Conner is a whiney little a-hole (still).

The Day After Tomorrow

A paleo-climatologist trying to reach his son during a full scale (and frighteningly rapid) ice age? What's not to love? Oh yeah, everything. What a crap movie. Most Believable Part: Weather so frigid, it solidifies Apache helicopter fuel, explodes windows, freezes marble and people (unless you happen to be standing near a fire). Least Believable Part: The Vice Prez transforming from a bureaucratic a-hole into a caring leader. Pssshhht, yeah right.


Mandy Moore as a bible thumping goody-two-shoes, Macaulay Culkin in a wheelchair and Jena Malone having sex with her boyfriend to save him from being gay? What's not to love? Seriously man, what’s not to love? Plus, the end of the movie's got a sappy Lifetime moment that had me unabashedly bawling on the couch. But I was PMS'ing, so... yeah. Easter Egg: The uber-Christian father of Jena's gay boyfriend is the same actor who play's Georgia's father on Dead Like Me. Why can't this guy get a break? I mean, he’s good-looking but neither one of his fake wives are. Somebody get his agent on the phone...


Man oh man, do I love these druggie movies. Movies like Requiem for a Dream, Blow, Trainspotting and Permanent Midnight where the pro-(ant-?)agonist(s) lose their friends / money / family / possessions and end up addicted / in jail / in rehab / dead. This movie features an all star, cracked-out cast consisting of John Leguizamo, Mena Suvari, Brittany Murphy and Jason Schwartzman. Everyone's getting high on the methamphetamine and- that's about it. They're just getting high. Oh, and there are the obligatory shootings, explosions, handcuffing of girls to beds and psychedelic cartoon transformations of reality (a la Pink Floyd's The Wall). Bonus: It just so happens that Patrick Fugit is in this movie as the gross, pimply faced "Frisbee", which came as a shock after seeing him as the sweet, sk8-boarder for Christ "Patrick" in Saved! You might know him better as the too-young reporter "William" in Almost Famous.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I like Rebecca Gayheart. Her acting chops may be dubious (OK, yeah, as in she really sucks bad), but she is fun to watch prancing across a screen -there and in my mind. Problem is she's getting older and starting to show her age. Where's Noxema for you now, chickie!!!
Models and musicians/singers really should stop trying to act, they just can't pull it all off. OK, you may be good looking, but just shut the f-ck up. Am I right?

Bill said...

I'm right there with you, Amy. Way to go Netflix for responding to the cries of the masses.

Angel: I was annoyed at the Fred-demon story but thought the actress was way hot in the demon clothes and had funny lines (asking if she could keep Spike as a pet). After dissing Angel for 4 years I was actually sad to see it go. I though the show was redeemed somewhat in its last year.

Day After Tomorrow: Weather porn.

Spun: I caught this on IFC a few weeks ago and hated it. It seemed like a drug movie by a filmmaker who thinks its cool to make drug movies--as opposed to drug movies by ex-addicts or by family of addicts. The self-conscious filmmaking was distracting and pretentious. I like Schwartzman and am looking forward to I heart Huckabees. I will try to put Spun behind me.

Netflix: I just watched almost all of Farscape on the SciFi Channel. Get the DVDs and watch it--it's excellent SF TV (despite the muppets).

amy said...

Whoa whoa WHOA! Bill! Fred-demon? Demon clothes? SPIKE? I think you're talking about Season FIVE, my friend, and I don't know anything about it. Or, used to not know anything about it. [punching you in the arm] But that's okay, by the time it comes out on DVD I will have entirely forgotten this e-conversation.

I can see your points about Spun. I mean, a couple up them ended up in jail in the end but weren't too broken up about it. Schwartzman didn't get the girl but didn't end up too bad off in the end. Brittany Skank Murphy and Taco were a.o.k. and headin' on a bus to Vegas. No real bad news or consequences in the end.

I've been watching Farscape for a while now and am almost done with Season 2. Don't knock the Muppets; it's Jim Henson Co. (CLASSIC). Eryn is hot and Crichton's turn into a space man-whore. That's about as far as I got. I especially liked the episode where they all switched bodies. I also can't WAIT for the Dave McKean, Neil Gaimain, Jim Henson Co. MIRROR MASK. It's going to rock:

Bill said...

Shit shit shit. I'm really sorry if I blew any season five surprises, but your comments about season four ("Team Angel doesn't really help people anymore; they're more focused on saving the world from yet another impending apocalypse. Good News: Wesley has gotten really hot. Bad News: Conner is a whiney little a-hole") are also completely applicable to season five so you see my confusion. Season five is fun. Yeah, Spike. You learn that in the first episode so no big reveal there. You should forget anything I may have mentioned about Fred looking hot as a demon (but she really really does).