Worst Covers

From bad album covers to bad (very bad) book covers. I totally agree with "Flavor of the Month" coming in first, which I found to be shudder-inducing.

And I have to say that the lame-ass, chick-lit covers are growing more and more worse every year. Apparently, it's all about legs and feet:

Why? I don't understand. I hate feet. And books with cartoon drawings of stick-figure women, pastel colors, curly-q writing won't make me want to buy your book either. You know why? Because I'll look stupid reading it.

Honestly, the women who read these books want a man (usually of the princely, happily-ever-after, sensitive, rich, unapologetically handsome variety). You think some man is going to want to talk you when you're reading one of these empty calorie books? You'd be better off with a guy who approached you whist reading Marquis de Sade.

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