Hell no, we won't grow

It comes as a wonderful surprise to find out that the State of Vermont is one of America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places 2003. That's right, the whole state.

With historic villages and downtowns, working farms, winding back roads, forest-wrapped lakes, spectacular mountain vistas and a strong sense of community, Vermont has a special magic that led National Geographic Traveler magazine to name the state one of "the World's Greatest Destinations."

Take that and rewind it back, Wal-Mart.

As to what this all means, though, I'm not entirely sure. Does this mean Wal-Mart can't build any new places?

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Bill said...

If the entire state is an endangered historical place, doesn't that automatically include all the Wal-marts? I mean, even the South Burlington Denny's is now endangered since it is part of the state. Better not put a fresh coat of paint on your house--you'll be ruining Vermont's pristine historiccal flavor.

I actually think this is kind of cool and pray that VT never becomes what NH has become.