When the possibility of fame overshadows everything else

While crocheting last night, I listened to “Making the Band: 2”, or whatever that new P. Diddy reality show is. I have new respect for Diddy because he’s so funny and obviously works hard. He also has the ability to cut right through any bullshit the teeny-boppers sling around.

On this episode, one of the singers (dubbed a “diva” by the rest of the band because she doesn’t like being around cigarette smoke) was confiding to someone and all I heard her say was, “I have to take care of my voice. I was- I was blessed with a gift from God. God gave me this voice… And I’m not going to let any motherfucker mess with my shit.”

I stopped crocheting for a moment to ponder her statement. The hand of God apparently came down and massaged her vocal chords, blessing her with a voice that frankly must sound ten times better inside her own head. Then she goes on to express her concern over anyone trying to, wittingly or unwittingly, damage her magical gift. The fact that she was talking divinity then cursing like a trucker was… a perfect example of what’s wrong with people.

Then she got a phone call from home, telling her that her little daughter was sick at home with pneumonia. She freaked out for a little while, screaming at the other members of the band for looking at her/talking to her/breathing. In the end, she decided to go perform at the show instead of going home. Suffice it to say, this girl is totally worthless.

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