It’s a Wonderful Life

Most recent addiction: Harvest Moon.

I’ve played at least 20 hours of this video game over the course of three days. This might seem like a lot because it is. In the game, you run a farm, growing crops and raising animals. You also try to woo a few of the town’s girls into marriage. I got the cute little farm girl to marry me by giving her flowers and presents. Now that we’re married, all she does it bitch about housework and how there’s never enough food in the fridge. Hello? I have to sell the food to make money to buy livestock to sell produce. It’s a viscous cycle she has no idea about because she stays in the house all day. The good thing is that I got her to call me “Master” all the time.

Because the game is sucking up all my free time, I’ve slacked off on my quilting, reading, cooking, laundry, showering, etc. I was planning on crocheting a blanket for my mom as a Mother’s Day gift but I doubt it’ll happen now. So sad.

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