Special Prison Decorating Issue: Hideaway Drug Storage

The Black List posts my review regarding Martha Stewart's conviction (see top). I actually gave it a grade of "F-" but they changed it on me. I guess it was a little overkill.

UPDATE: My First Hate Mail

I recieved the following from a girl named Lindsay:

"You dont send a 62-year old woman to prison"

So you're saying what she did was okay just because she's 62? That doesn't justify anything. Just because she's an older woman doesn't mean that what she did wasn't wrong. So let's not send Martha to prison only because she's too old. What if a 70 year old woman murdered a child. Would you say she doesn't deserve to be sent to prison because she's 70 and is too old?

Who cares if she built an empire herself, it doesn't change the fact that she lied to the government. What if I was a multi-billionaire but I decided I wanted to go on a killing spree, is that okay because I'm a successful buisness woman and successful people don't go to jail?

Of course no one will ever look at her the same, she ruined her own career. She chose to do what she did and now she has to face the consequences. That's life and just because she's a successful buisness woman doesn't mean she gets an exception.

Yeah, I agree with everything she says. I wouldn't compare what Martha did with a murder or a killing spree, but whatever. I also think Lindsay needs to chill out. The Black List is just personal reviews and just for a laugh. I'm a fan of Martha's and wanted to write something to show my support.

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