Friday Five gets out of control

There is no Friday Five this week. Weird, eh? Figures that when I start getting better about remembering they'd just not do one. Well, I've made my own:

1. What’s the last movie you watched?

Bottle Rocket. What’s the fascination with this movie? I thought it sucked. People seem to really like it but I agree with the reviewer who called it a “grueling, numbing black hole.” James Caan was the only reason I made it through to the end. This makes me realize that Netflix doesn’t know my taste in movies at all. I find that ridiculous because, dammit, I’ve rated 527 movies so far. Apparently I was recommended this move due to the fact that I gave Rushmore, Punch Drunk Love, The Big Lebowski and Lost in Translation high marks. Bottle Rocket isn’t even in the same realm as these movies (other than both Rushmore and Bottle Rockets having the same director: Wes Anderson)!

2. It’s Friday. What’re you doing tonight?

Probably reading. I want to finish The Thetherballs of Bourgainville (which was been incredibly funny so far). I’ll probably start writing my next YPR article. I was thinking of maybe writing about the dark underbelly of Neopets for The Black Table. Maybe I’ll cook something, work on my quilt some more, etc.

3. So you’re some kind of loser that doesn’t go out on the weekend?

I didn’t… I’m not a loser. I just like to do my own thing. I do lots of things that keep me occupied and happy. In fact, I have a party to go to tomorrow and a couple concerts coming up.

Hey, you don’t need to defend yourself to me.

But you said-

I’m asking the questions here. I ask a question and you answer it, that’s the formula.

May we proceed now?

… Is that one of the questions?


Okay. Then “yes”, we may proceed. Let’s just get this over with.

O-Kay… Would so say that you…

4. … have no life or just live a pathetic one?

I’m not answering that.

You have to.

Fine. I would say “neither”. I do have a life and it’s not pathetic.

You can’t do that. You have to choose one or the other. It’s like a “Would you rather…”

I can give any answer I want.

Are you going to ask the final question?

All right, if it’ll get you to ask the final friggin’ question I’d say that… I have… Some people might say that I have “no life” but-

Ahhh hahahahahaha!! You said you have no life!!

Okay, you know what? This ran out of funny a long time ago. Just ask the last question so I can-

5. Earl Gray or English Breakfast?

… Um… I’d have to say-

Which do you serve while having tea with your imaginary friends?

I hate you.

I know

English Breakfast. Now leave me alone.

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