Books to Movies

What is up with Colin Farrell turning up in movies based on books, taking character roles that he's sure to ruin? First, there was A Home at the End of the World. Now, (get a load of this), he's going to be Arturo Bandini in Ask the Dust (2005). I'm actually looking forward to Selma Hayek as Camilla. I only wonder: how captivating the movie is going to be? The book is moody, introspective and basically about Bandini wanting to be a famous writer. Maybe Farrell's sick of those Phone Booth/S.W.A.T. shoot-em-up movies?

Taking into account the popularity of the novel, it's no surprise that The Da Vinci Code is going to be made into a movie.

I generally dislike horror movies but I'd be interested to see this one. The graphic novel was great.

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