The wacky scent of catnip with the interactive fun of bubbles!

Last night, the cats at home had run out dry food so my sister and I made a trip to the pet store. I don’t really like going there because I end up buying toys for the cats that they don’t need and never play with. The only thing that they will play with is a balled-up piece of stiff paper, which they bat around like professional soccer players. In fact, they’re so good, I’m thinking of setting up a net under the kitchen table.

The Lebanon Pet & Aquarium Center is kind of like a free zoo. It’s pretty big and there are all kinds of animals. One area has sweet looking kittens (always sleeping) and puppies (always frantic). Another huge room, and by far the loudest, has all kinds of birds and rodents, ferrets and bunnies, guinea pigs and chinchillas. Downstairs is the aquarium section with a staggering array of exotic fish and a small room housing the lizards, frogs and tarantulas. You can’t help but wander around everywhere before picking up what you came for.

In my case, I came for dry food and ended up leaving with gourmet ocean fish flavored dry food, pouches of gourmet wet food, a kit to grow your own cat grass and a bottle of catnip bubbles. That’s right, catnip bubbles. It looks exactly like the normal kind you can buy, with the wand in it, only instead of blowing soap bubbles, you blow non-toxic catnip bubbles that you cat can chase/grab/bite. It sounded awesome, so I got it.

Once home, I immediately start blowing these delicious and psychotropic bubbles at them (which started leaving green toothpaste colored circles all over the kitchen floor). As usual, Gatsu was petrified and Griffith was indifferent. A bubble popped in Gatsu’s face when he went to sniff it and he immediately ran upstairs to cry. Another bubble landed directly on Griffith and he just gazed at it until it popped, not making any show of surprise/dismay when it did.

Barbara and I decided that next time we’ll get the cats high on catnip first before we start messing around with the bubbles.

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