It's a shame but they lost me a long time ago

Checking through the News Briefs at BookWeb, I see that the Dartmouth Bookstore is looking for new owners. It's too bad, really. I can't understand why it was doing so poorly; the location is great (right on Main Street) and it seemed like there were plenty of customers. It used to be that I'd go in there for a book when I was in Hanover, but they never had anything I was looking for.

Over at BookBlog, we were recently discussing book reviews and how one might choose to read any given book. Me, I go into a bookstore knowing exactly what I want. I go for it, grab it, pay for it and leave. In and out.

That was the problem (in my view) with the Dartmouth Bookstore. I would go in, look for a book I wanted, wouldn't find it, look for another, they wouldn't have that, etc. And don't even get me started on the fact that they didn't even have a graphic novel section.

When I do feel like giving all my money to an independant bookseller, I'll head over the the Norwich Bookstore. Mostly, though, I go to Borders or order through Amazon. Cheaper books and free shipping? How can I say no to that when I probably spend $2500 a year in books?

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