It's a lot less painful to watch than read

Recently, Paris Hilton came under the misconception that people will want to read a book about how rich/spoiled/trashy she is. Now, Jessica Simpson wants to write as well.

Jessica, sweety, you're idiocy comes off much more endearingly on-screen than on paper...

Okay, so sometimes I say stupid things. Like, the other day, my dad told me that Nick and I were going to perform at Access Hollywood's post-Golden Globe party. I said, so that's before the awards, right, Daddy? He said, No, honey, the party's after the awards. I said, but post means before. He was like, No, post means after. But I was sure I was right. I said, Daddy, then why do you put a postage stamp on a letter before you mail it?"

No way you can be 23-years-old, this stupid and function in today's society.

And I can't even imagine the editor's job. She/he'll get a stack of construction paper with things like "Chikin of the See... is it toona fish or chikin or pork or what?" scrawled across the pages in crayon.

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