Is it Timberfake or Trousersnake? Personally, I think it's Stomachache

Did you see the Grammy's last night? Yeah, I think everyone did. If not, a whole bunch of people blogged it. What's even more spectacular, everyone blogged it the same way: write scathing comments regarding wardrobe/speeches about the presenters/performers/Joan Rivers every 2-15 minutes. It was funny the first time around.

1. Whatevs. "Still funking and still sucking. Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop mainlining H!"

2. Neal Pollack for Salon. "George Clinton better book P-Funk some time in Tha Cosmic Rehearsal Studio! All we need now is La Jacka's honkers to make the night complete."

3. This is what you call obsessive. "Whoa, anyone else think George Clinton was gonna up and die climbing those stairs? The Church of the Funk almost ended on national television. He nearly turned this carotid artery out."

4. Jesus. This guy was actually happy and felt like a "proud papa" when Justin Thinmilkshake got an award. Yech. "Then George and his army came on with their P-Funk train wreck, sloppy as hell which I suppose is how it ought to be."


5. Matt Tobey's City of Floating Blogs. "Holy shit is the best way to sum up the sonic clusterfuck that was the tribute to funk."

6. WWKAD. "Saddest Moment: George Clinton stumbling onto the stage in search of 'the funk', only to find more dementia and arthritis."

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