So last night I’m watching some TV. As soon as a commercial break appears, I ask Barbara, “Where’s the tv thing?” Before she hands it to me, she asks, “Don’t you think it’s weird we call it ‘the tv thing’?” I stop to think about it and realize, yeah, it’s a pretty stupid thing to call it. “Most people call it ‘the remote control’ or ‘remote’”, she went on, “but we always called it ‘the tv thing’.” It hits me how stupid I sound and I can’t stop laughing. I wonder if it’s because we grew up with a Korean mother who didn’t know all that much English. Maybe she called it ‘the tv thing’ and we learned from her. I don’t know, maybe it’s a New England thing.

I’m just wondering how many other people in the world call the controller ‘the tv thing’ or if I’m the only one.

Also, does anyone else call cat turds “poopy-doo ding dongs”? Because we do that as well. It’s not uncommon to hear someone in the house say, “Griffith dropped a poopy-doo ding dong outside of the litterbox.” Or, “Griffith has some popy-doo ding dong on his butt.”

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