Inis “Search Inside the Book” Poatur Beally Norks!

I have two cats in my household. You may have heard them mentioned here before. They're Manx brothers named Gatsu and Griffith (those of you who know Berserk will know what the names are in reference to). Anyway, Manx cats don’t have tails. I grew up with a Manx named Candy and decided if I were ever to get another cat, it would have to be at least part Manx. The temperament of the cat is awesome; they’re really friendly and cute and the missing tail is adorable. If you’re the type of person that likes dogs but doesn’t want one, a Manx is for you. I swear Candy used to growl and bark at new people who would come to the house.

Anyway, I’m looking for books at Amazon on Manx. Using their nifty new “Search Inside the Book” tool, my results for “Manx” are:

1. Manx Ballads and Music (Celtic Language and Literature: Goidelic and Brythonic)

People from the Island of Man (between Ireland and the UK) are called Manx. This is where these cats are originally from. So this books is probably the people and not the cats.

2. The Manx Cat (Learning About Cats)

Sounds promising…

3. The Manx: The Cat With No Tail

4. The Get Fuzzy Experience

What? I love that comic strip! There’s stuff about a Manx in it? There’s a quote from page 80 that says: “… TRINK OF FIOW MANX XGS `OU’LL BE HELPING MY DONATING TRIS BLOop…..” [Shaking head] What? What does that mean? Trink of fiow manx xgs… After clicking on the link to the actual page, I read the bubble above Rob’s head that says “Think of how many dogs you’ll be helping by donating this blood…”

Goddammit! It’s “many”, not “manx”. And “BLOop”? Someone want to tell me what the hell a “BLOop” is? You’d think Amazon would have a dictionary abiding text translator.

It’s apparent to me that this “Search Inside the Book” is shit and doesn’t work. I was going to enter into the contest and win that Segway, too.

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